Graciela & Fernando

Graciela & Fernando

September 16th 2016

One of the most perfect weddings we’ve had at our restaurant ENEKO, has been Graciela’s and Fernando’s. They got married september 17th 2016, and even though that morning was kind of bad meteorologically speaking, the sun started shinning while the day went by and it gave us such nice pictures like these ones.

The day was determined by the rain. It had been raining for a week and there’s wasn’t much hope for a weather change…and it certainly did not. We had already planned the celebration in the vineyard, but we had the “great honor” of being the only vineyard wedding of the year that got suspended!

Finally, the wedding had to be celebrated inside, and even though we were sad about it, the truth is that the ceremony was very beautiful and emotional. In addition, a member of our family was the one officiating it, as well as our friends and family contributed in their way, making our day even more special. Tears and big laughs were shared equally throughout our guests. Afterwards, everything went perfect and our guests enjoyed it very much.

Despite the rain, we keep very nice memories!

At Azurmendi you can find a 3 Michelin Star restaurant, ENEKO restaurant where we celebrate weddings, events and super parties, the Gorka Izagirre winery, and a gift shop where anyone can purchase our souvenirs.

Graciela and Fernando seized the complex and took pictures for their session everywhere. They are fabulous!

Thank you deeply for choosing our restaurant at such an important day in your life. We wish you are very happy once and for all time.

Thank you very much,